3 Year Strategic Plan

As a patient centered health come and teaching health center, Camarena Health is setting the standard for the delivery of healthcare through innovation, technology and community partnerships. Camarena Health is dedicated to creating stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities as the leading provider of healthcare services.

Priority Areas:

Mission: To promote healthy communities by providing quality and compassionate healthcare


Camarena Health will continue to develop its communication strategies to both its internal and external customers. These strategies include more frequent and informative messaging to its employees to keep them informed, engaged and to improve the organizational culture.

  1. Develop an External Communication/Marketing Plan
  2. Focus on continued improvement of organizational culture through communication with employees
  3. Improve staff engagement in organizational priorities and goals
  4. Develop a marketing plan to existing patients
  5. Explore the development of a patient app
  6. Advocacy and education
  7. Develop an Internal communication/Marketing plan


Through its extensive partnerships with education institutions and other healthcare providers, Camarena Health will be a leader of workforce development in Central California. This will be accomplished through continued training and development of existing staff as well as the expansion of its Teaching Health Center program.

  1. Annual evaluation and benchmarking of compensation and benefits
  2. Develop organizational training plan/department specific plans
  3. Create staffing analysis – ratios for specific roles and departments
  4. Explore non-traditional benefits for employees
  5. Continue to expand and strengthen teaching programs
  6. Develop a long term retention plan
  7. Develop recruitment plan specific for hard to fill positions
  8. Explore creation of volunteer programs

Organizational Capacity

As Camarena Health continues to grow as an organization, it will focus on building its organizational capacity and structure to keep pace with growth and to continue supporting the growing operations in all aspects. This continued growth of capacity will be instrumental in maintaining the high level of service and care that is being delivered present day to patients and the community

  1. Develop a long term space plan
  2. Establish business decision support roles within the organization
  3. Continue to build and expand IT infrastructure to support the organizational growth
  4. Board of Director development
  5. Re-evaluate staffing and department structures
  6. Establish a call center to provide high level customer service to our patients


Through its continued assessment of community needs in regards to healthcare access and services, Camarena Health will continue to grow it scope of services and service delivery locations to meet the every growing needs of its community.

  1. Develop a growth plan: encompassing sites and services
  2. Expand the use of telemedicine
  3. Establish a transportation program
  4. Expand existing mobile health programs
  5. Explore joint ventures for ancillary services
  6. Maintain patient base/market share

Innovation & Technology

Camarena Health will leverage the technology it currently has, and that becomes available, to support its operations and the business decisions of its leadership. Technology and innovation will also help to provide better patient care and increase access to care through the use of telemedicine.

  1. Evaluate the implementation of a new Electronic Health Record
  2. Provide technology driven trainings
  3. Explore the implementation of a patient App and/or a kiosk for patient check in
  4. Clinical technology (dental, iot, RPM)
  5. Continue to improve the phone system by lowering wait times and increasing patient satisfaction
  6. Ongoing IT security upgrades and evaluation to protect our network and stored data
  7. Provide timely and accurate data analytics to key members in the organization to support business decisions.

Financial Wellness

Camarena Health will effectively manage it finances and build its reserves so that it may endure unexpected emergencies, continue to invest in its facilities and technology and to invest in its workforce.

  1. Explore and develop new revenue streams
  2. Increase in revenue, cash reserves and net assets year over year
  3. Implement budget management and reporting software
  4. Explore additional IPA partnerships
  5. Develop implementation plan for APM
  6. Make further investments in real estate
  7. Improving coding accuracy with medical claims
  8. Launch the Camarena Health Foundation
  9. Increase services utilization by existing patients
  10. Develop a grant management process