COVID-19 Vaccine

To our Community,

Thank you for helping us reduce the spread of COVID-19 by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. We have also seen vaccinated patients that do get infected experience far less severe symptoms than those who are not vaccinated. Scientists continue to discover new strains that can spread more easily than previous strains of the virus. Currently available vaccines have shown protection against serious illness and hospitalization from the variants. In fact, two doses of Pfizer or Moderna have greater than 95% protection against needing hospitalization.

Currently, Camarena Health is scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations for patients 6 months and older and boosters for patients 5 years and older. Vaccination will be scheduled during the week and require an appointment.

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Vaccination Information

When receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, please note:

Now Serving:

Everyone 6 months of age and older

We are happy to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to anyone 6 months of age and older. COVID-19 booster vaccines are for those age 12 and older.

Extensive clinical trials have proven the vaccine to be safe and effective in protecting children and adults ages 6 months and up against COVID-19. Infants and toddlers receive a smaller dose of the vaccine. It is recommended they receive the vaccine against COVID-19 along with their other regular vaccines. To learn more about COVID-19 vaccines, talk to your child’s primary care provider.

If you are needing the COVID-19 vaccine

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About the COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t really know yet how long someone is protected against COVID-19 after they’ve had it, this is why it’s recommended to still get the COVID-19 vaccine.

There can be short-term, mild or moderate side effects that get better on their own without complications, usually within 1-2 days. This means the vaccine is working to get your immunity against COVID-19 going!

While the vaccine may prevent you from getting sick, we don’t know if you can still carry and transmit the virus to other people, so it’s best to continue to wear a mask until we know for sure.

This is completely false. While some people may develop mild to moderate side effects, these are possible any time you get a vaccine and are not considered serious or life-threatening. And though it is true that many people who get the virus don’t die from it, we are seeing large numbers of long-term complications in those that got it. The vaccine can help prevent this.

You cannot get a COVID-19 infection from the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine is not a live virus. It triggers your immune system to be ready for if you actually get exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

There is no microchip, or tracking device, or any other type of device that will be implanted in your body.

Current mRNA COVID-19 vaccines do not require the use of fetal tissue in the production process.

COVID-19 vaccines have not been linked to infertility or miscarriage. Many pregnant women have become infected with COVID-19 and there is no evidence of increased miscarriage rates in them, and the same immune response in these women would be the same response seen with the vaccine.

Neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna vaccines contain egg.

Both Pfizer and Moderna have reported that their vaccines contain no preservatives.

The speed with which the vaccine was developed was due to pharmaceutical companies heavily investing resources into developing a vaccine that would have world-wide impact due to the pandemic. The safety had to be approved by the FDA and the Advisory Committee on Immunization.