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Information and Resources Regarding COVID-19

Phone Visits Now Available
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What We're Doing to Keep Camarena Health Safe


Phone Visits Available

We are offering phone visits with a provider for most medical services. At this time, all behavioral health and health education visits are being conducted over the phone. Learn more here.

Outdoor Testing Center

We have an outdoor testing facility for those meeting testing criteria of COVID-19. Learn more here.

Enhanced sanitation measures

Our staff is taking extended measure to keep themselves and areas you may come in contact with as sanitary as possible through cleaning and reducing physical contact.

Pre-screening greeters

We have greeters 7 days per week stationed outside of our open locations to pre-screen patients for symptoms of COVID-19.

Consolidating locations

We have closed some of our locations to reduce the risk of exposure, but please note all staff and providers have been relocated to other sites to continue to provide care to their patients. Learn more here.

Altered scheduling

Some of our hours have changed based on whether a patient is considered “well” or “sick”, as well as reduced hours for some services. Please call 559-664-4000 for more information.

Monitoring all sent-home staff

All staff that is sent home for being sick is being carefully monitored for symptoms of COVID-19.

Temperature checking all staff

All our staff has their temperature taken twice per day. Once at the beginning of their shift, and again at the end of their shift.

Provider Phone Visits

We want to ensure that your health needs are being taken care of during this difficult time. If you are unable to come into our office or prefer to stay home, we can provide you the healthcare you need without needing to come into our health centers.

Camarena Health is now providing phone visits with our medical providers. During your phone visit you will be speaking with a medical provider who will address your health needs, concerns, and questions. Behavioral Health and Health Education is being offered exclusively by phone at this time.

In an effort to reduce risk of exposure to infection, we encourage practicing safe physical distancing and taking advantage of these services by phone.

Available Services and Open Locations

Camarena Health remains open and accessible to serve the various healthcare needs of all our communities through both in-person or phone visits. Though some of our locations are temporarily closed, we have retained the necessary staff and providers to continue delivering healthcare to you and your family at select Camarena Health locations. Here is a list of available services and open locations. For questions or to schedule an in-person or over-the-phone appointment call

(559) 664-4000

Temporarily Closed Locations:

** Please note all of the staff and providers have been relocated to other sites to continue to provide care to their patients.

  • Madera South School Based Health Center
  • Cleveland Ave. Health Center
  • Country Club Medical Health Center
  • Almond Women’s Care, please note staff have moved over to provide care at 124 S. A St., Madera, CA 93638

Services with Alternative or Limited Access:

  • All Behavioral Health & Health Education visits will be conducted by phone, call today to schedule your visit.
  • Emergency Dental Services only offered during this time at 124 S. A St., Madera, CA 93638 . Oakhurst and Chowchilla Dental will reopen on April 27th for Emergency Dental Services Only.
  • Chiropractic Services are only available at 344 E. Sixth Street, Madera, CA 93638

Emergency Dental Information

In order to ensure the continued health of our staff and patients, we will temporarily suspend nonessential or non-urgent dental care until further notice, but will offer emergency dental services at:

Madera “A” Street Dental Services: 124 S. A St., Madera, CA 93638


**Beginning April 27th the following locations will reopen for Emergency Dental:

Oakhurst Dental: 49127 Rd. 426, Ste. 1 & 2, Oakhurst, CA 93644

Chowchilla Dental: 300 Prosperity Ave., Chowchilla, CA 93610


Given the magnitude of this unprecedented time, we want to do our part to decrease the probability of community spread of COVID-19 while ensuring our patients receive the dental care they need.

Our Dental services will be available for qualifying emergencies such as:

  • Fractured tooth due to trauma
  • Infection and or Swelling
  • Severe dental pain

Should you require emergency dental care, wish to speak to a Dental professional, and/or make an appointment please call (559) 664-4000.

COVID-19 Testing Center

Camarena Health has established a testing area for COVID-19 infection outside of the location at 344 E. 6th Street in Madera. The outdoor testing facility is available Monday through Friday for individuals who meet the symptomatic criteria and/or have traveled outside Madera County. Hours are currently 9am-noon and 1pm-4pm and will be adjusted as needed. If you have symptoms and have not been pre-screened and/or advised by one of our providers for testing, please call ahead before going to the teasting center.

  • Camarena Health screening criteria includes fever, cough/shortness of breath, and any travel outside of Madera County. Another qualifying factor includes contact with an individual known to be infected with Coronavirus. A patient must meet criteria to be screened for COVID-19. You will be screened by our clinical team to determine testing or other treatment for illness.
  • Patients who arrive outside of the testing hours who meet screening criteria will be advised to return during testing hours as long as it is safe to do so. If clinically unstable, they will be referred to Madera Community Hospital.
  • Patients who are tested will be sent home to self-quarantine pending results with Self Isolation Orders from Madera County Public Health

COVID-19 Video Updates


Yes! Camarena Health is still fully operational. Your usual location might not currently be available, but if you need to make an appointment you can call us at (559) 664-4000 and we will direct you to the appropriate location.

If you are presenting symptoms and/or have traveled outside of Madera County you may be asked to wait in a designated area. Every location has staff outside the building prescreening patients who may be presenting COVID-19 symptoms. They will help determine who should enter our health centers to ensure safety of all.

The symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, shortness of breath, and febrile respiratory illness. If you are experiencing symptoms please follow these instructions from the CDC to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Yes! If you are experiencing symptoms of another illness, please call us to set up an appointment. If you are uncertain about coming into the office at this time, we have phone visits available for you. Call us at (559) 664-4000. It is more important than ever that you stay well.

Yes, all Camarena Health locations have prescreening greeters in place. Camarena Health has also instituted enhanced sanitary procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and patients. All Camarena Health staff members are being temperature checked before they begin work. Any staff members with a temperature greater that 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is sent home and monitored.

Camarena Health has instituted enhanced sanitary measures, enstated pre-screening greeters at all locations, and is temperature checking? all staff members. To read a full list of our new safety measures CLICK HERE TO READ THE BLOG POST.

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