Camarena Health advocates to local, state, and national leaders as well as key stakeholders to achieve objectives that increase our health center’s strength in the community and supports the effective delivery of high-quality, accessible health care to our patients. In 2016, Camarena Health participated in an advocacy project with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACH). Camarena Health developed the “I Heart Camarena Advocacy Campaign” to engage and educate our patients, staff, and community members on ways they can be advocates for Camarena Health and community health centers across the nation.

The “I Heart Camarena Advocacy Campaign” reached over 200 individuals who were interested in being Camarena Health advocates by sharing their personal stories of why they “HEART CAMARENA.” They also received alerts on state and national opportunities to engage in advocacy through letter writing, calling elected officials, and joining Camarena Health to educate on the importance of community health centers.