Month: November 2023

Meet Dr. Samaniego

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Madera, Dr. Samaniego’s story is one of dedication, empathy, and unwavering commitment to her community. As a child, her sensitive and caring nature was evident, and with encouragement from her parents, who were immigrant farm workers, she set her heart on becoming a physician. By seventh grade, the decision was made; she would dedicate her life to helping others.

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Meet Cristina Rendon

In the heart of Madera County, where the need for healthcare guidance is as vast as the fields that surround it, Cristina Rendon stands out as an advocate of proactive health and community support. Raised in a bustling household of six children by parents who did not speak English, Cristina quickly became the family’s bridge to the healthcare system, sparking a passion that would define her career.

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