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Position: Registered Dietitian (RD)

Responsible To : Director of Health Education and Wellness

Department: Health Education


The Registered Dietitian reports to the Health Education Management. The RD will advise and counsel patients on food and nutrition on a wide range of topics to include but not limited to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cholesterol, and other chronic conditions.  The RD will assess nutritional needs, diet restrictions and current health plans to develop and implement dietary-care plans and provide nutritional counseling.

Additionally, the RD provides in-service trainings to Camarena staff and works closely with the Health Education Manager to provide administrative support.  This non-exempt position requires someone who can work flexible hours and is team oriented.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Focus on Health Wellness of Camarena Health Patients:

  • 1. Meets directly with patients to identify dietary and health needs.
  • 2. Provides nutrition advice and counseling to patients.
  • 3. Assess nutritional needs, diet restrictions and current health plans to develop and implement dietary-care plans and provide nutritional counseling tailored to population needs.
  • 4. Promotes Healthy eating habits and assists in recommending dietary modifications
  • 5. Advise patients and their families on nutritional principles, dietary plans and diet modifications, and food selection and preparation.
  • 6. Maintains current documentation in the patient record of services delivered.
  • 7. Establishes treatment plans and communicates with patients regarding program compliance.
  • 8. Will follow patient progress and provide recommendations to patient care.
  • 9. Monitoring and documentation of patient compliance with education plan/problem list, with appropriate follow-up and documentation of missed appointments.
  • 10. Focuses on patient support by actively listening to patient issues and requests, recording pertinent information accurately and remains responsive at all times to the needs of patients, clinicians, and other team members.
  • 11. Collaborates with providers to identify and connect with patients in need of nutrition counseling.
  • 12. Consults with Providers and health care personnel to determine nutritional needs and diet restrictions of patient or client.
  • 13. Verbal and written communication to appropriate medical providers regarding evidence of identified high-risk medical or behavioral health issues.
  • 14. Assist patients with referral processes and a variety of forms completion.
  • 15. Appropriately schedules patients for group class health education sessions.
  • 16. Conducts, and/or assists in individual and group education sessions for various preventive and health maintenance topics, utilizing established lesson plans, policies, and procedures.
  • 17. Develops curriculum and prepare manuals, visual aids, course outlines, and other materials used to assist in teaching.
  • 18. Documents distribution and inventory of supplies, equipment, and materials used, within the scope of patient education, and outreach activities.
  • 19. Increase public awareness for wellness nutrition and education by acting as a resource to local school districts and community organizations by coordinating and participating in the provision of health promotion services, including outreach to key stakeholders for their input on services improvement or development.
  • 20. Orders unit supplies (e.g., forms, printer labels, etc.).
  • 21. Utilizes computer to access and obtain labs, appointments, patient information, medication, and clinical notes when necessary.
  • 22. Other duties as assigned by HEM.


  • Focus on Corporate Expectations/Standards:
    • Maintains cleanliness and order of work area, equipment and supplies.

        Promotes mutual respect and allows others to get their work done by limiting      non- work-related interruptions.

  • Functions as part of Camarena Health quality improvement group by actively                    ensuring that the quality of information collected is correct and matches the requests of the Health Education Manager.
  • Supports the activities of the health center’s chronic disease and CPSP focus by acting as a clerical support staff for specific Chronic Disease Program activities.
  • Attends and actively participates in all meetings (e.g., team meetings, department meetings, program meetings, case management meetings, employee staff meetings) and other activities as required or assigned.
  • Attends workshops/seminars as necessary to increase skills and knowledge to provide effective support.
  • Supports the overall work of the health center by working flexible or extended hours where necessary to ensure consistent patient access and quality of service.
  • Demonstrates awareness of, and compliance with, organizational mission and objective of Camarena Health to provide health care access and support services for all members of the community.
  • Oversees implementation of Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) Program including implementation of standards, program evaluation, quality improvement planning, collection and evaluation of data.
  • Other work-related duties as assigned by supervisor; duties and responsibilities    may be added, deleted, or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally either verbally or in writing.
  • Maintains confidentiality and respect for information regarding patients and other team members; abides by Camarena Health Rules of Confidentiality.

Minimum Requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree in dietetics, foods and nutrition, food service systems management, or a related area. Must have RD registration.
  • 1-2 Experience with Chronic Disease Management, including Diabetes, Cardiovascular

Disease, Obesity, Hypertension and CPSP.

Prior Experience:                            

  • One to three years clerical experience in healthcare setting with advance in topics such as Chronic Disease Management, including Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity.


  • Effective oral and written skills;
  • General medical terminology and standard abbreviations used in medical notations
  • Understanding of basic patient chart procedures and medical record systems;
  • Intermediate to expert computer user experience;
  • Telephone courtesy; customer-service oriented;
  • Modern office practices and procedures including email;
  • Attention to detail and excellent follow-through on work tasks:                
  • Demonstrates good problem-solving skills;
  • Able to track multiple tasks and complete promptly and accurately;
  • Able to quickly build and maintain rapport with patients and providers of differing backgrounds; team player.

Physical Requirements:               

  • Must be able to move up to 20 pounds and push up to 50 pounds (on wheels).
  • Must be able to hear staff on the phone and those who are served in-person, and speak clearly in order to communicate information to clients and staff.
  • Must be able to have vision that is adequate to read memos, computer screens, and personnel forms, clinical and administrative documents.
  • Must have high manual dexterity.
  • Must be able to reach above shoulder level to work, must be able to bend, squat, sit, stand, stoop, crouch, reach, kneel, twist, and turn.