Camarena Health's Service Excellence Initiative

We understand that our profession is evolving so rapidly, that all of us frontline, leadership, clinical, and non-clinical staff must work as unified team to embrace the changes. We’re excited to announce our Service Excellence Initiative™ — a cultural transformation designed to increase customer satisfaction and employee morale. This fundamental shift empowers every member of our team to make decisions that enhance patient care and improve our work environment. Join us in this journey to become the Health Center of Choice through commitment, empowerment, and excellence.

Upcoming SEA Workshops

Explore the key dates and opportunities in our Service Excellence Initiative. This section highlights upcoming workshops and events that are essential for everyone involved, helping us grow together and strengthen our community impact. Chose from the upcoming workshops below to sign up!

SEI Employee Participation Thus Far

Employee Participation Thus Far 49%

What Our Employees Are Saying

A Cultural Transformation

I am thrilled about the Service Excellence Initiative because it represents a significant investment in our future—your future. It's about empowering you, our dedicated staff, to lead and innovate, ensuring Camarena Health becomes the community's first choice in healthcare and employment.

Point of Contacts

Joanna Borstad – SEI Implementation Coordinator

As the Employee Engagement Coordinator, I am dedicated to fostering a vibrant and productive workplace culture. Camarena Health has been my home for almost a decade now and it’s a privilege that I’m able to bring a unique blend of creativity and strategy to the table.

Cultivating an environment where every team member feels valued, motivated, and connected to Camarena Health’s mission is the highest priority for me as it will enhance employee morale and patient satisfaction. Driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and a genuine desire to make a difference. I’m dedicated to creating a workplace where employees not only excel in their roles but also feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Cristina Rendon - SEA Super Coach
Gabriel Mejia – Oasis Super Coach
Jazmin Rios - SEC Chair