Introducing Shine Together

Welcome to the ‘Shine Together’ campaign, a celebration of collective strength and shared commitment to women’s health. Here at Camarena Health, we believe that every woman’s wellness contributes to the brilliance of our community. With each story we share, we hope to inspire you, to engage you, and to illuminate the extraordinary ways we can all shine brighter together. Explore our initiatives, meet our incredible team, and discover how you can be part of our mission to promote healthier, happier lives for all women.

Spotlight Stories

Unveiling the Impact of Camarena's Remarkable Women

Meet Dr. Samaniego

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Madera, Dr. Samaniego’s story is one of dedication, empathy, and unwavering commitment to her community. As a child, her sensitive and caring nature…

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Meet Cristina Rendon

In the heart of Madera County, where the need for healthcare guidance is as vast as the fields that surround it, Cristina Rendon stands out as an advocate of proactive…

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Meet Our Promotores

Meet Our Promotores de Salud At Camarena Health, our Promotores de Salud program is a testament to the power of community engagement and the ripple effect of positive health advocacy.…

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Women's Health

You are unique, and so are your health needs.

Camarena Health offers a full spectrum of obstetrics and gynecological services to women of all ages. In addition to standard obstetric services, Camarena Health offers a wide range of enhanced services that meet the needs of each of our patients and may include:

Women Shine Together

Women shine together by fostering a community of mutual support, encouragement, and resilience. Through collaboration, they amplify each other’s strengths, and in adversity, they draw from a collective well of courage and determination. This radiant unity not only empowers individual women but also illuminates the path to better health and wellbeing for all.